Now THAT’s a great pumpkin cookie, Charlie Brown!

The following blog was written 2 years ago, believe it or not.  These cookies were the very first recipe I made out of Baked Elements, and obviously, I simply couldn’t wait another 2 years until they were scheduled to bake and blog about them!  I re-read what I had written and saved in my drafts, and decided to totally keep the blog as is.  It’s certainly proof that my writing has become a bit sluggish over time!  I adore these cookies – and without further ado, I present a 2-year-old blog post extolling their many virtues… and why it was the very first recipe I baked out of Baked Elements.  I’ve kept some of the original pictures as well, but also tossed in a couple new ones, because yes, I may have written about them long ago, but I couldn’t resist baking up a new batch this week.  Enjoy:

BSMbanner_baked-150I confess that when I pulled my first batch of Pumpkin Harvest Dunking Cookies from Baked Elements out of the oven, I snarfed down probably 4 of them after the first delectable bite.

Being a huge fan of pumpkin, the pumpkin chapter of Baked Elements is naturally the first chapter I turned to, and this recipe, tucked away at the end of the chapter, caught my immediate attention.  With the exception of biscotti (which I typically find too dry), I gravitate toward cookies that you can eat with/dunk into a cup of coffee. The intermingling tastes of strong, nutty coffee and buttery, spicy goodness is so nostalgic for me, as I was practically raised by a family that drank coffee religiously and had coffee klatches in which we savored wonderful treats with good coffee.  When I read in the book that Renato created a pumpkin cookie that could be dunked into coffee – with some semisweet chocolate and chewy, yummy dried cranberries tossed into the mix – well, I was so there from the get-go.

It’s a fairly easy recipe to put together.  The dough itself is a pumpkin cookie dough fragrant with warm fall spices and studded with oatmeal – topped off with the inclusion of chocolate chips and cranberries.  I suppose you could toss some kind of nut in there, but why spoil a good thing?  (Aside from almonds and pecans, you will discover I have a pretty big aversion to nuts – most kinds.  They just turn me off and have no place in good desserts.)  The hardest part is waiting for the dough to chill 4 hours before you bake these little treasures off.  In several of Matt and Renato’s recipes, I’ve noticed they suggest chilling the dough after it’s mixed all together – often for a few hours or even overnight.  This allows the dough to relax for a while – think of it as all of the ingredients partyin’ and chillin’ together for a little bit before things ‘get hot in here’!  It makes perfect sense and often leads to a better cookie which holds its shape.  I have a nemesis in chocolate chip cookies – I have NEVER made a good one – but the one time I finally did have minor success, it was with making Baked’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe – and that recipe suggested an overnight shindig in the fridge for the cookie dough.  Soooo… don’t skip this crucial step with these babies.  Chill your dough.  Yes, 4 hours.  The cookies, when scooped uniformly with a 2-tablespoon cookie scoop, held their shape and puffed up nicely.

The beauty of pumpkin as a main ingredient in a cookie, or even a bar cookie, is its ability to keep the cookie moist.  These cookies are no exception to the rule.  Matt prefaces the recipe by suggesting that you may want to over-bake these cookies a IMG_3596touch, in order to have a nice golden, slightly crunchy exterior which complements the pillowy, soft, and chewy interior.  And by all means, dunk them in a nice “hot coffee bath”… they’re even more heavenly and happy.  I made these in the later evening hours, and had to make a pot of coffee (decaf, of course) to test them out.  Trust me, it’s a flavor experience you don’t want to miss.

This is a keeper recipe.  Make this one to take your fall holiday or football parties, folks.  They make a fairly good-sized batch (the recipe says 36; I got 48, which is good, because I probably ate a dozen myself right away) and will be a bona fide hit among pumpkin aficionados.

For the recipe, visit:

Pumpkin Harvest Dunking Cookies

Brew up some coffee, and enjoy this delicious start to your fall!


I’m off to NYC to see the Baked guys and their new location in TriBeCa! I’ll be sure and take plenty of pictures to share!

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